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Liquid Exchange Review

Liquid Exchange Review

Cryptoexchange Liquid started working in 2018 based on the Quoine crypto platform, which has been operating since 2014. Her work is licensed and regulated by Japanese law. Opportunities are open for users to trade a fairly large number of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

A special application has been developed of the Liquid exchange for users of mobile phones on the Android platform and Ios. Particular attention is paid to the security of the platform (“cold” wallets for traders and storage of their own assets, modern technologies against hacking). This also attracts traders to Liquid exchange, reviews users also talk about fast withdrawals, good work of technical support.

Platform liquidity

Liquidity on Liquid Exchange Review good. According to the Coinmarketcap’s rating, in 2018 it took 22nd place in terms of trading volume. If we analyze the best month of the platform’s operation by this criterion, then its liquidity indicators are quite high – $ 4 billion in 30 days. One of the reasons for the interest of traders and the increase in liquidity is the lack of commissions from makers.

Note that the global economic crisis in 2019 affected the trading volumes on the exchange, dropping the company to 67th place in the list. But, despite the unstable financial situation and the decline in the rating, there is a stable growth in trading volumes.

Exchange trading interface

Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own peculiarities in the design of the interface. Therefore, traders choose the most convenient and simple platform for themselves. Looking at the interface Liquid exchange , it can be noted that you also need to get used to it and get used to it. There is:

  • list of orders;
  • cryptocurrency growth graph (user-selectable);
  • purchase block;
  • sales section.

There are 7 languages ​​to choose from. There is a 24/7 support service.

What fees are charged?

Before trade on Liquid, check the commission rates that are charged. On the platform, they are quite interesting. It has already been said that makers do not pay commissions. This is a special plus for those who do not take orders from the existing order book. And for takers, trading commissions are 0.3%, which is five hundredths higher than the average for all exchanges. Moreover, if transactions are carried out in the QASH token, the commission is halved and equal to 0.15%. The platform also reduces commissions when trading volumes are reached.

Be prepared to pay the fee when withdrawing currency from the exchange. Here the commission is fixed and 0.0007 BTC is charged for bitcoin.

Liquid cryptoexchange is characterized by a user-friendly interface, well-thought-out service with up-to-date currency rate charts, descriptions, transaction history and news. Convenient to work with many cryptocurrencies.

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