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Cryptocurrency has become famous all over the world. People have the opportunity to earn money without leaving their homes, just by buying crypto.
The crypto pank cryptocurrency is considered one of the first in the collection of tokens. Today, one such currency can cost more than tens of thousands of dollars. Some copies even reach hundreds.

How did this currency originate

Cryptocurrency appeared in 2017. The creators of the cryptocurrency have become the discoverers of a new era of NFTs. Initially, nothing showed and did not cause increased interest. But the crypt was created on the basis of a funny and interesting character using a generator.
Initially, the developers conceived the idea of ​​pop-art portraits, and released more than 10,000 portraits. Each was designed to match the style of the platform.
Portraits had a full set of attributes:

  • Floor
  • Hair coloring
  • Color of the skin
  • Character

Some of the portraits were depicted as aliens. There were even monkeys.
After that, the developers organized a chat in which they talked about their new invention. The popularity of cryptopunk crypto has skyrocketed. People began to rush to purchase tokens and portraits. It became possible to exchange the crypt or resell. To date, the price has risen to several tens of thousands of dollars, which allows you to receive excellent dividends when selling or exchanging. But not everyone can afford to buy a copy. Especially such portraits were loved by those who initially loved and still love punk culture. They began to collect such coins, which allowed them to get rich in the future.

Cryptocurrency duplicates

Some blocanes decided to repeat the success, and released a number of their portraits. They also began to be in demand, they began to be actively bought, and they began to grow in price. But their difference is that they are available for sale, and their price is significantly lower than that of the original.

Blockchain where you can buy punks

You can buy crypto punk on the Free TON blockchain. There are all the conditions for trading, for conducting transactions.
The most interesting thing is that out of 10 punks, only one can be the most unique, the price of which will exceed the rest by several dozen times. It is there that there is a large selection of coins where you can apply.


Crypto punk is a well-known cryptocurrency that is very popular, but due to a very expensive price, it is not available to everyone. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is based on portraits in the style of “pop art”, whose fans can be found all over the world. Cryptocurrency is quite reliable and safe. You can purchase several samples for the collection, or you can arrange an auction and get excellent dividends. But for those who do not have access to the original, there are excellent analogues.

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