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Lazy Lions NFT reviews

Lazy lions is one of the new collections that consists of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs, distinguished by their bodies, manes, eyes, and other attributes. All maps on this platform are unique due to over 160 possible variables. Not long ago you could buy a lion for as little as 0.05 ETH, but now individual cards are worth several thousand dollars. It is therefore considered a worthwhile investment.

Overview of the NFT platform

In the overview, it should first be noted that the following parameters were used as variables by the map developers for the composition of the crazy lions:

  • backgrounds lion;
  • body;
  • helmet;
  • mane;
  • eyes;
  • mouth;
  • earring.

The composition of each lion is formed from a minimum of 160 different characteristics, so all the cards are completely unique.

Every Lazy NFT owner has the opportunity not only to join the Lazy Lions NFT VIP community, but also to influence developments. To actively participate, all you need to do is connect your existing e-wallet to the platform, and then post a picture of yourself in the Discord community or Twitter. ROARwards – free prizes from the creator of the platform – will be available immediately thereafter.

Thanks to the loyal terms and conditions, cardholders can use all available resources without any restrictions. Gifts are also an effective revenue generating tool. For example, the value of one NFT that was provided by a developer as a gift was recently worth XNUMX$15.

Lazy Lions: what does the NFT give to its owners?

In a short period of time, these NFTs have become very valuable. According to reviews from developers and lazy lion owners, holders are in no hurry to sell their NFTs.

In the near future, the platform developer intends to introduce the Lazy Bungalows tool. It will be a private virtual island. To save money, the community will offer a completely free drop, so the owner of the lazy lion will only have to cover the fuel costs. It is worth noting that when a new mad lion is purchased, the holder will get another bungalow at their disposal each time.

After that, the play-to-earn game kicks off. And to make lazy lion holders as comfortable as possible, the developer plans to launch a DApp to make it easier to use both the smartphone and the computer. However, according to community rules, those wishing to play-to-earn who have not purchased a lion card in time will have to buy a bungalow separately. It will cost 0.3 ETH. There will be a total of 1,500 bungalows available.

This NFT project promises to continue to be a successful platform. After all, the community intends to expand the toolkit, contributing to increasing the value of every lazy lion.

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