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Latoken: an overview of the cryptocurrency exchange

Latoken is a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of services and trading opportunities. It boasts low transaction fees. The service launched in 2017 and sold its LAT token for $19.6 million in August of that year. The Latoken team is large and most of the offices are located in Moscow. Latoken is registered in Singapore. The Latoken exchange has a presence on social media, offers promotions to encourage trading, and new tokens are released frequently. Latoken ICO complies with ERC20 standards. For customers who have Ethereum currency wallets, there are discounts and bonuses (when buying LAT).

Basic information about the crypto exchange Latoken

The Latoken exchange offers many features, including the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a credit card, the ability to invest in startups through the IEO market, and the ability to host an IEO. There are signup bonuses for new users as well as a referral program. The crypto exchange app is available on both the Apple and Android app stores. There are many trading pairs, although some of them practically do not reflect the trading volume. Exchange advantages:

  1. A wide variety of currencies is available on the exchange, which helps to diversify the portfolio.
  2. Anyone can buy LAToken with a great prospect of price growth.
  3. Tokens cannot be sold twice, they are property.
  4. A system of smart contacts has been implemented to limit the possibility of fraud at the time of the transaction and other operations.
  5. No KYC (customer identification) is required to start trading.
  6. The support team will quickly answer questions.
  7. The transaction approval mechanism can withstand a heavy load.
  8. The Latoken Exchange is able to handle any network issues without a hitch.

The Latoken exchange can protect user funds extremely effectively (protection against DDoS attacks is installed). The platform has never been hacked. Latoken exchange stores a part of user funds in storage, but nowhere and never mentioned exactly how much funds are stored (this is important for counterparties). The exchange does not make it difficult to withdraw money if there are no objective reasons. If the account was suspected of dishonesty, then the withdrawal system will either not work or completely withhold the user’s funds (without the possibility of recovery through the support team). Each user can withdraw their own money at any time. If the system is overloaded or does not work properly, then the company’s support will come to the rescue.

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