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NFT Elite – CrypToadz

In a very short span of time, CrypToadz has entered the top tier of NFT projects. Inspired by Larva Labs’ iconic cryptopunks, Toadz – a collection of 6,969 NFTs – was conceived by now-famous anonymous artist Gremplin at a time when PFP projects and punk derivatives were saturating the market.

Launched on September 8 at a price of 0.069 ETH each, the CrypToadz floor bounced from 5 to 15 ETH at press time, with sales of the collection as a whole totaling around 41,200 ETH (nearly $170 million). CrypToadz is also currently in the top 15 best-selling collections on OpenSea, even surpassing project Curio’s legacy NFT cards in the world’s largest NFT market.

CrypToadz grew out of a confluence of social commentary and meme culture, and has taken on a meaning beyond its collection of toad-themed JPEGs. Following a long line of iconic memes such as Pepe the Frog and Dat Boy, Gremplin’s collection of amphibians has received praise from some of the most famous NFT collectors and investors in the world.

However, CrypToadz, which sold out in about 15 minutes, certainly benefited from the status that Gremplin had previously achieved within a non-swappable ecosystem. Even before Toadz rose to the top of the NFTS OpenSea chart, the enigmatic artist has come a long way to establish his reputation in the community.

Gremplin started his dive into the crypto art around January 2021 and started building his brand a few months before Toadz.Slowly creating a wide variety of NFT artworks and projects, the anonymous artist developed his own signature style through trial and error.
With little experience in 3D art, Gremplin began making elementary objects out of wool and cardboard. He unwrapped these physical artworks and posted videos of his creations on Rarible, gaining support from a small number of NFT collectors.

From that point on, Gremplin’s ideas grew, and after a few months of gaining momentum with his spinning 3D art, he realized that the NFT “trend” was going on for much longer than he originally thought. With longevity in mind, Gremplin decided to give up coinage.
Over time, the author of the project began to feel more comfortable in the role of Gremplin, and opportunities for creation in the NFT space abounded, which led to his participation in Nouns, a fantastically successful NFT project with a current treasury of over $50 million. Gremplin was already deep in Nouns when a project called Strange Whales kicked off and catalyzed CrypToadz. Now thousands of users around the world are watching the project.

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